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ROBO FLAG 3000   $1,399.00
Let's face it, having to locate, raise and lower a safety flag all day is a pain in the butt, and is often difficult to position for visibility, and challenging to move around the boat to help with pulling in the rope and equipment . The NEW Robo Flag 3000 provides a fast, safe and fun way for anyone to control the deployment and retracting of the flag. While equipped with a rapid, smooth deploying and highly visible neon orange flag, this newly engineered robotic unit comes stacked with many beneficial cutting edge safety features, such as... a bright red LED "flag up" indicator with a suction cup attached that adheres to the windshield or rear view mirror to eliminate any chance of forgetting to put the flag down while your skier is carving up the water. Two bright orange wrist bands with wireless remote transmitters attached to allow, not one, but "two"  observers to deploy and retract the flag at any given instant while still being able to move around the interior, along with one hard wired remote switch for the drivers convenience. A bright white LED array located at the top of the flag pole that aluminate's when the flag deploys and doubles up as a navigation light when hooked up to your existing navigation power wire. Push any one of the remote switch's to deploy the flag and a high audio tone will sound alerting the driver and everyone on board that his skier has fallen. That's right! No more yelling "DOWN!!!."  With today's increasingly popularity of boaters, getting the attention of on-coming water craft is now more important that ever, simply hold down any one of the remote switches and instantly sound the boats horns. This high performance, attention grabbing device is absolutely a "must have" if safety, convenience and coolness ranks high on your boating list. This "instant gratification  like" devise operates on your boats 12v power supply to deliver the juice you need to deploy and retract the flag less than half a second.